" Electronics Components Marketing sas (E.C.M.) has a claim to a commercial continuity of many years in the peculiar market of piezo-electric components industry.

E.C.M. has made a substantial experience and acquired significant knowledges collaborating with operators of considerable technical prominence.

Since 1994 E.C.M. is representative in Italy of Application Recherche Electronique SA (A.R.E.), a french manufacturer extremely interesting and able to ensure quality, capability and flexibility, essential requirements in this sector and expression of a deep awareness and basic technical and technological professional competence."



Electronics Components Marketing sas di Piermattei Paolo & C.
Via Bruxelles, 45 B/5
Office : Via Firenze, 2 C/2
00043 - Ciampino (RM)
tel. +39 06 7961289 - +39 06 7963733
fax +39 06 79365228